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What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol that is made up of text and/or images. A logo brings instant recognition to your business, it shows your customers what you do and what your business is about. A logo plays a very big and important role in your company’s profile. A logo is a perfect way to create a visual brand mark.


What is the purpose of a logo?

  • A logo makes your business stand out from your competition it makes you unique from them.
  • Logos identifies the key information about your business and it builds your brand recognition.
  • A logo shows the customers exactly what you do and what your company is about.


Different types of logos.

1. Monogram Logo

    Monogram logos are logos that consist of letters, usually the initials of the business It’s ideal if the business’s name consists out of            more than one word.



2. Word Logo

     Word logos are font-based logos that focuses on the business’s name alone, usually used by businesses with a short name.



3. Pictorial Logo

   Pictorial logos are icon or graphic-based logos, it’s an image that is used as a logo it’s the image that comes to mind when thinking                “logo”.



4. Abstract Logo

    Abstract logos are a specific type of pictorial logo but instead of using an image, they use an abstract geometric form its seen to                be more unique.



5. Mascot Logo

    Mascot logos are usually illustrated in colorful cartoonish characters. A mascot acts as an ambassador it represents your business.



6. Combination Logo

    Combination logos are a combination between word logos and a pictorial logo, abstract logo or a mascot logo. The text and pictures                can be arranged in different ways: Side-to-side, stacked on top of each other or integrated.



7. Emblem Logo

     An emblem logo consists of a font inside a symbol or icon like a badge, seals, and crests. Emblem logos tend to have a traditional                   appearance it can make a striking impact, thus usually used in schools, organizations and government agencies.


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