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What is a Poster?

A poster is a temporary promotion of an idea, product or event. It includes both textual and graphic elements which are designed to be both eye-catching and informative. It is seen as an advertising tool.


What is the purpose of a Poster?

  • Designed to be eye-catching and informative.
  • Used to promote and idea, product or event.
  • used to communicate, to send a message to the people. 


Different types of Posters.

1. Informercial Poster.

An informative poster is the most common of posters. They generally talk about a product or service that has recently been launched. It consists of a large image along with a few pointers about the product or service and a footer which contains the information on where the company is.



2. Formative Posters.

A formative poster does not directly promote a business, organization, product or service but it is used to spread awareness regarding an issue.



3. Show Posters.

Show posters are also known as cinematographic posters. They are used to promote upcoming TV-Shows, Theatre Plays or Musical Concerts. They usually include an image of the show, the name of the show, the details of its release and the venue where one can attend the show.



4. Political ad Posters.

Commonly known as propaganda posters. They were used in the early 19th Century to spread awareness about War. Currently, they are used by political parties to spread awareness about the different parties that are standing for election. 



5. Fashion Posters.

Fashion posters have a very straightforward structure. Generally, they have a large image of the fashion product and model and the name of the brand with a catchy tagline. The popular brand uses these posters to stay popular.



6. Corporate Posters.

Corporate posters are used by large multinationals to advertise their brand. The purpose of this poster is to advertise the whole brand and not just a single product. It usually features a complete range of the products provided by the business with the main focus being on the brand itself.



7. Campaign Posters.

Campaign posters are a set of posters used to spread awareness about a whole campaign, it's not just to simply promote a brand. It's usually used during awareness months like the cancer awareness month.



8. Subject Posters.

Subject posters are commonly used by art galleries to showcase the piece of art along with a few lines of description about the piece. It generally has a single subject that is promoted. It is also used by musicians to promote their upcoming concert.



9. Affirmative Posters.

Affirmative posters usually feature a motivational quote to motivate people and in most cases, the business name is used as a footer.



10. Digital Posters.

Digitization has taken over the marketing sector. Digital posters are not printed but are moving posters that can be projected or be displayed on a screen. The good thing is you can reuse them.


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