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The Concept of Ten Second Marketing

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70% of the U.S. population regularly use the Internet
Over 1 billion people in the world are online
The average adult spends 3 hours more a day online than watching T.V.
These are all encouraging statistics for small business owners. It means you have a very large target market, and as long as you have a website, you have a better chance of being found online than in a phonebook, flier, or other advertisement.


There are over 400 million active websites &
The average person only gives a website 10 seconds before deciding whether the site is worth their time.
Which means, you've got ten seconds (or less) to:

1)    attract the viewer
2)    declare your message &
3)    get them to take action

A challenge for sure! But it's not impossible. To make the most of your website, you simply need to know a few basic psychological tricks.

Maximize the Focal Point: Most online viewers can only focus on one thing at a time. So although you may have a bunch of great stuff on your site, find the focal point and make sure it's declaring your message loud and clear.

Make the Message Count: If it takes 2-3 seconds to read a sentence, that sentence better matter to the reader. Does your main message apply directly to the needs/wants of your target market? Don't be clever, elusive, or try to reach everyone. Focus on your target market and speak directly to their emotions.

Give Them Something to Do: Most viewers are searching for a site they can DO something on. Provide them with forums, blogs and other ways to connect with you

and like-minded consumers. And don't forget to offer something free in exchange for their contact information.

Give Them a Reason to Return: Keep your site up-to-date and full of interesting, valuable information. When your viewers realize that you are constantly updating your site, they are much more likely to return.

Ten seconds is all you have to attract and keep prospects online. So, whatever else you do, be sure to collect lead information off your site. Even ten seconds gives you enough time to start building that relationship with your prospects.

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